Pot odds

Every time you call or raise, you must ask yourself the question; Is the economic risk I take in relation to the profits I can do? To assess this, one can calculate the pot odds. For example, if you have invested $100 in the pot and it costs you $25 to call so the pot odds are 100 to 25 or 4 to 1. If you join now you can win four times your stake. If it had instead been $160 in the pot and it cost you $55 to go with had the pot odds were 160 to 55 or 2.9 to 1.
By changing the pot odds for the following players can affect how they act. If it is $100 in the pot and and you call with $25, the next player to win $125 by calling the $25 A pot odds of 125 to 25 or 5 to 1. Had you instead of calling increased to $75. Then it would have been SEK 175 in the pot and it had cost $75 to call, one pot odds of 175 against 75, or 2.3 to 1. Instead of having a chance to win five times the money she had to devote a higher proportion of their initial capital and can under current conditions only win 2.3 times your money.
It is good to consider pot odds when you have a promising hand, which requires that it is improved if it with high probability will win the pot or if you have the likely best hand at that moment and have to think about if you want to keep a number of competitors or you want the majority to fold.