strength of increases

If you have a good hand and have decided not to lie, it is often more efficient to raise than just calling . One approach is right in certain situations but when you turn up, take command in the hand and forcing the others to adjust to you. To get information about how the others judge their hands relative to your. It is also the most effective way to drive competitors out of the pot to drive out others with weaker hands out of the pot as Players with low pairs (3-3), drawing hands (90-10 in color), and pure chance happening (for example, Q-6) The more players with those hands that stay, the greater the likelihood that the flop fits better with one of these hands than yours. With a raise, cut down on competition for the pot already in the starting position.
Another reason for the increase is to increase the pot size. Do you have the best starting hand at the time, and therefore the best starting position, do you want to win as large a pot as possible and the best way to increase the pot size is increasing. If someone before you have raised, you can almost consider re-raising, ie to increase further. If you do not have AA is of course the risk that someone has a better starting hand than you and there is reason to be cautious about including any other players you know are playing tight raise. And not even starting hand AA wins every time. On average, every fourth time it loses to any other place that gets a stright, flush or two pair eg But those times when neither starting hand AA or someone else's lower starting hand improves, wins AA.
It is no surprise that there is a saying in poker: The best hand going in, is usually the best hand coming out. "