Poker Styles

After playing a while you start to find the style you think suits you. The different styles you can put names are as follows:
A player who is not acting as often at the table. Increases in principle only when he has a very strong starting hand.
Does a player who bets and raises often, and often completes the move.
One player who really play too many hands than have statistical chance of winning. Playing almost any hand in the belief that hit two pair or something like that.
Does a player waiting for good starting hands before he invests, and also that he chooses the strongest starting hands.
The type of player knows when to act and what happens to suit the situation. He also understands that the check-raise after the flop can be a smart option to see the river card for half price, that when he has a hand with the right odds.
This player plays only the strongest hands, but do not usually have the knowledge to maximize their profits or to become dangerous at the table.
This player does not really care which start at any time. But, the big problem is that he raises frequently, and even increases again until the river card.
Playing nearly every starting hand and often play after the flop, even if the cards are not good enough. This player does not only give away their money in the long run, he is also very predictable and this combination makes him the weakest player type. It is not worth the bluff, he calls in most locations.