Your position

The position means a player's position in the order at the table, and its position relative to the dealer. With an early position in the first round of betting referred to as a rule the first three places after the big blind if you are 8-10 players at the table. In late position, provided the person sitting with the dealer button in front of them or to the right of the button. Intermediate positions are those in between.
The one sitting in early position in the first round have a positional disadvantage when they must decide if they should call, fold or raise, while you still have a number of players who will decide later. The early position have no idea how the others will act.
Players in late position will have more information to go by, then then you know how they acted before them. If you are sitting in late position and all of the big blind and you have to, you know that competition is significantly reduced. Only two players in the blinds remain and you can call or raise, even with a shot-like hands hoping to scare even the remaining two to a specific direction. Are you sitting in an early position, you must have a strong hand that can withstand competition in order to call or raise, such as A-A, K-K, Q, Q, J-J, or A-K in color.
The earlier position, the stronger starting hand, you must have to join or increase.