Turns in Texas holdŽem

In front of the dealer there is usually a button that says "dealer". This position is also called to "sit on the button". In almost all poker for it to be something in the pot before any cards are dealt. The most common is to use two blinds. Small and big blind. As a rule, the big blind is twice as large as the large. This means that such the person on the left have to invest such 50 cents or 50 SEK, depending on what level you play on, and then the person is investing twice, eg 1kr or 100kr.
The game then continues to the left and the players will after looking at his cards to choose whether they want to "interfere", "join" or "raise". Anyone who puts themselves throwing their cards and are not included in the hand. Those who choose to join, have to put as much as it has hitherto made the most, to begin with, it is thus the size of the big blind. It is therefore never have to go with. If you have bad cards in your hand, it is better to lie down and hope for the next round instead. When you put up is all the money they previously invested directly into the pot.
The game in the first round continues until the big blind, who are able to raise more than the obligatory blind if he wishes.
This is followed by three more rounds of betting, the flop, after the turn, the turn and after the fifth card, the River.
All of these rounds of betting is the same way. The closest active player, who has not folded clockwise after the dealer button makes its betting and the order then go. Unlike the first betting round, you can now "check" or "beta".
To check equal to await. You bet no chips at the time, but reserve you for the opportunity to join if someone else put money into the pot. A check is usually marked by saying check, or by tapping on the table. Check is only feasible as long as no one before has worked, then bet one or more chips in the round. If all checks are next card up. If someone chooses to bet, he makes the chips that he wants to invest in themselves and the others stand for the elections to "interfere", "join" or "raise".
After the betting round, all wagered chips into the pot and the next round of betting starts from zero.